Hardy Heywood

Hardy HeywoodHardy Heywood was a British painter best known for his 18th-century hunting and genre scenes. Born on November 25, 1842 in Chichester, United Kingdom, he began selling his work at age 17, eventually saving up enough to study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Upon returning to England, Hardy’s work became highly sought-after and he was frequently the target of commissions from the estates of his wealthy patrons. He went on to become a member of The Royal Society of Painters and Etchers, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He also worked as an illustrator for several publications, including The Illustrated London News and The Graphic Magazine. In the last years of his life, Hardy made a controversial shift from sensitive animal subjects to biblical scenes of Christ walking in the Sussex countryside. Today, his works are in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Manchester City Art Gallery, and the Bury Art Museum, among others. Hardy died in 1933 in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

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